How do I find the right size?

You can determine the right size for your FLYERBELTS by measuring a suitable belt from your wardrobe.
The belt length in cm always refers to the length from the inner edge of the belt buckle to the middle hole of the leather strap.
This results in the standard sizes of 85-125 cm.

Are there any situations in which I still have to take off my FLYERBELT during the security check?

Thanks to our protected and unique feature, the red thorn, you will be immediately identified as a frequent flyer by the security officer and you can pass the security gate without removing your FLYERBELTS. However, our many years of extensive experience (see WORLD PROVEN) shows that this is rarely required.

What material is the FLYERBELT made of?

The FLYERBELT is a so-called cambered full leather belt. This high-quality manufacturing variant consists of a soft inside made of real nubuck leather and an elegant, smooth outside made of the finest cowhide leather. These are connected to one another in a complex process. The long edges are polished and varnished 5 times to ensure pleasantly rounded edges.

What material is the belt buckle made of?

The belt buckle consists of a solid-colored, fiberglass-reinforced composite material, which is unbreakable and completely metal-free.

What if the FLYERBELT doesn't fit me?

Of course, you can exchange the FLYERBELT free of charge or send it back for a full refund of the purchase price (see also shipping / return conditions).

What are the shipping costs?

Your FLYERBELTS will only be shipped as an insured package. Our shipping costs can be found here.